Carnmoney Primary School


P1 Admissions: 2023/24 

Carnmoney Primary School: Controlled Primary School

Enrolment No: 448 

Co-educational Admission No: 60 



The information below is for guidance only - Please refer to the Education Authority’s Guide when completing an Open Enrolment Application Form.  

The published criteria of primary schools can be accessed at:

Details of the respective functions of the Board of Governors and the Principal in relation to admission to the school. 

The determination and approval for all admissions is the responsibility of a sub-committee of the Board of Governors. 

When considering which children should be selected for admission, the Board of Governors will only take into account information which is detailed on the application or provided directly to the school.  Parents/carers should therefore ensure that all information pertaining to their child and relevant to the school’s admission’s criteria is stated on the application form or provided directly to the first preference school. Examples of such information include whether the child has brothers/sisters attending the school, or is the eldest in the family. 


During the admissions procedure when applying the criteria punctual applications will be considered before late applications are considered.  The application procedure opens on 10th January 2023 at 12 noon and an application submitted by the closing date of Friday 28th January 2023 at 12 noon will be treated as a punctual application.  An application received after the closing date for applications will be treated as a late.

Priority will be given to children who have attained compulsory school age at the time of their proposed admission.  

In selecting children for admission, children resident in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission will be selected for admission to the school before any child not so resident.
Admissions criteria to be used in the event of the school being oversubscribed. The criteria are listed in order of priority.

1. Children who have an older brother/sister enrolled at Carnmoney Primary School (including half,            step, adopted or foster brother/sister); 

2. Children whose older brother/sister previously attended Carnmoney Primary School (including half,        step, adopted or foster brother/sister); 

3. Children of permanent staff (teaching or non-teaching) employed in Carnmoney Primary School; 

4. Children who live nearest to the school as decided by a straight line digital measurement using the          post code address of their normal residence to the postcode address of Carnmoney P. S.               

   Carnmoney P.S. will use the Northern Ireland portal for Geographical Information (GI) decision 
   making tool, Spatial N.I., to determine distances; and

5. Date of birth with preference being given to the eldest child, determined by date of birth as entered on
    a birth certificate. 


Applicants should note that the:
Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information on any form. Provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide information within the deadlines set can result in the withdrawal of a place and the inability to offer a place on the part of any school nominated on the applicants application form. 

The Department of Education requires a parent/carer applying for a Primary 1 place to submit to their first preference school, a birth certificate and other verifying documents as requested in the published admissions criteria on or before (Date to be confirmed) (Refer to Point 1 above).


The school's policy on the consideration of applications after the Open Enrolment Admissions procedure concludes, is available directly from the school or can be accessed on our school website at


Carnmoney Primary School operates an Admission Policy for all applications received by the school for admission to years 2-7.

The Board of Governors delegate the authority to organise admissions on a day to day basis to the Principal.

A child will be admitted provided that:

  1. The school will not exceed its enrolment number as determined by the Department  of Education N.I.
  2. The class size of 30 pupils for years 2-4 as determined by the Department of Education will not be exceeded: and
  3. Their acceptance will not prejudice the efficient use of resources.

In the case of unsuccessful applicants to years 2-7, the parents/carers of each unsuccessful applicant must indicate in writing if they wish their child's name to be added to the school's waiting list.  Names will remain on the waiting list until the end of the child's year 7.  If at any time parents/carers wish to remove their child's name from the waiting list, they should do so in writing.

In the event of the number of applications for admission exceeding the number of vacant places, the same admissions criteria will be applied as for admission to P1.

The school will contact the parent/carer in writing if their child gains a place through this method.