Carnmoney Primary School

The Team

Board of Governors (2018-2024)

Chairperson & Education Authority Representative             
Mr S Moran 

Parent Representatives
Mrs S Wilkie
Mrs S Wilson

Transferors' Representatives  
Mr W Fullerton
Mrs E Stevenson
Rev. S Hawthorne 
Mr J Hawthorne

Teachers' Representative
Mr P Davies

Mr B Duff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr B Duff, B.A.(Hons) P.G.C.E., Pg.Dip.Ed., M.Ed.

Vice-Principal (Head of Key Stage 2)
Mr P Davies, B.Sc. (Hons) P.G.C.E.

(Head of Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1)
Miss L Bannon, B.A.(Hons) Ed.

Special Educational Needs and Assessment
Miss J Black, B.Ed. (Hons)

Teaching Staff
Primary 1
Mrs K Davies, B.Ed. (Hons)
Miss J Higgins, B.Ed (Hons)

Primary 2
Mrs J Finlay, B.Sc.(Hons), P.G.C.E. 
Mrs J Martin, B.Ed. (Hons)
Miss R McFadden, B.Ed. (Hons)

Primary 3
Miss S McCormick, B.Ed. (Hons)
Mrs T Morrissey, B.A. (Hons) P.G.C.E., M.Ed.  

Primary 4
Miss L Bannon, B.A. (Hons) 
Mrs A Jamison, B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E.

Primary 5
Mrs A Johnston, B.Ed. (Hons)
Mrs C Phelan, B.Ed.

Primary 6
Mrs L Williamson, B.A. (Hons),  PG Cert, P.G.C.E.
Mrs S Kenny, B.Ed. 

Primary 7
Mr P Davies, B.Sc. (Hons) P.G.C.E. 
Miss R Robinson, B.Ed. (Hons)

Learning Support 
Miss J Black, B.Ed. (Hons)

Clerical Officer
Mrs C Hamilton

Building Supervisor
Mr P Moore

Teaching Assistants

Primary 1
Miss D Wallace
Mrs A Playfair

Primary 2
Mrs K Kennedy
Mrs L McIwaine

Learning Support
Mrs P McMahon
Miss S Burns
Mrs J Livingstone
Miss A McCann
Ms D McCreight
Mrs C Millar
Mrs J Williamson
Mrs N Thompson
Mrs L McIntosh
Mrs A Tyndall
Mrs S McGilton
Miss L Weir
Mrs A Foy
Miss M Morrison
Miss V Simpson
Mrs J Bell
Miss L Taylor

Catering Staff
Miss S Forsyth
Mrs L McCullagh
Mrs Y Jefferson
Miss S Torrens

Supervisory Assistants
Miss H Torrens
Mrs J Montgomery
Miss J Hamilton 

Mrs L Graham  
Ms S Torrens
Mrs J Montgomery

Crossing Patrol
Mr R Macauley