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It is the policy of the school that pupils are strongly encouraged to wear a uniform. Parents are requested to provide their children with the school uniform and ensure that it is worn to school each day. Our school uniform is available from ‘The Jeanery’ in Glengormley.


White polo shirt
Red sweatshirt
Grey trousers
Black school shoes 


White polo shirt
Red sweatshirt
Grey skirt / pinafore
White knee/ankle socks
Black or grey tights
Black shoes (low heels for safety)
Red and white checked dresses may be worn weather permitting 

Pupils may wear a shirt and tie if they wish. Red and black school ties are available to buy from the school office. 


P1 – P3          
Pupils wear gym shoes .

P4 – P7          
Pupils wear a white t-shirt & black shirts (Available to buy from the school office). 

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name. 


In the interests of health and safety, children should not to wear jewellery to school. This includes earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. If you wish your child to wear earrings we ask that studs are worn, but this will be at their own risk. 

To enable children to participate safely during P.E. lessons, we ask that they leave their earrings at home on a P.E. day or that they remove them before participating in the lessons. 

Please note that at swimming lessons the instructors will not allow any child into the swimming pool wearing jewellery.